(single-entry visa, double-entry visa, multiple-entries visa)

Single-entry and double-entry Business Visas are issued for no longer than 90 days.

Multiple-entry Business Visa is issued for up to 1 year, but is valid for 90 days of every 180.

For a Business Visa, please submit:

1. Duly completed visa application form (http://visa.kdmid.ru) with a sticked photo

2. Valid passport.

3. Original Invitation Letter. It is issued by the Immigration office in Russia on the request of your business partner.


4. Bank statement.

5. Registration certificate in the local chamber of commerce.

6. National tax payment number certificate.

7. Original Police Character Certificate with the contact number of issuing authority.

8. HIV test. (For those travelers, whose visa will be valid for more than 90 days)

9. Travel insurance.

10. Local Company’s letter

11. Russian Company’s letter