Private Visa is issued for no longer than 90 days and is valid for single or double entry.

For a Private Visa, please submit:

1. Duly completed visa application form ( with a sticked photo.

2. Valid passport.

3. Original Invitation Letter, issued by the Immigration office in Russia on the request of your friend or relative.


4. Family Registration Certificate from NADRA.

5. Original Police Character Certificate with the contact number of issuing authority.

6. The bank statement of the person who invites the applicant or the applicant’s bank statement.

7. Copy of a valid passport of the person who invites you.

7. Original letter from the person who invites you, that he/she takes full responsibility for your stay in the Russian Federation.

8. Travel insurance.

In case, Applicant’s wife/husband has Russian Nationality and are traveling together it is possible to obtain a Private visa without an Original invitation. It is required to fill the request and visit  the visa section together.